Why Aren’t My Tweets Getting Liked?

Tweeting your thoughts can be an excellent way to get the word out about your business and gain new clients, but if you’re not getting any likes or retweets, it might make you wonder why nobody wants to see what you have to say.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn more about the reasons why nobody likes your tweets and how you can change things up in order to get more attention.

In addition to buy twitter likes, you can also use these tips to increase your tweet popularity and get the social media love you deserve!

Your Tweets are Boring

There are a few reasons why your tweets may not be as effective as they could be. Do you post links to your website that don’t contain interesting content?

Twitter is all about engagement, but if you’re linking people to boring pages, they won’t want to click on them and engage with your tweets.

Also, do you frequently mention products or company names without actually explaining what they are or do? And do your tweets repeat themselves over and over again?

You Aren’t Using Hashtags

Twitter users now have hashtag capability, so it’s important to incorporate hashtags into your tweets. In fact, Twitter even recommends adding hashtags to your tweets to encourage engagement.

An engagement rate of 10% is average for a tweet with 1-2 hashtags; an engagement rate of 30% is average for a tweet with 5+ hashtags.

So if you want more likes and retweets on your posts, use as many relevant hashtags as possible and make sure they are visible throughout your message.

You Aren’t Asking for Engagement

The fastest way to get likes on your tweets is to ask for them. This one may seem obvious but so many people forget or ignore it.

You can do something as simple as saying Please RT if you agree or simply asking for likes instead of retweets and you will see a huge spike in engagement rates on Twitter.

It’s important to remember that every tweet doesn’t need to be promotional, just include some kind of call-to-action at least once per day.

You Don’t Engage

Twitter is a social network, just like Facebook or Instagram. To be successful at it, you have to treat it as such. You have to think of Twitter as a place where you can connect with new people and expand your network.

The easiest way to do that is to start conversations—not just with new followers but with everyone who interacts with your tweets. If someone replies to you, respond back and ask them a question. If they retweet one of your posts, thank them for sharing it!

Your Tweets are Full of Chatspeak and Emotes

You wouldn’t send a cover letter to a potential employer that was littered with emoticons, right? Your Twitter profile is no different—emoticons, chat speak and abbreviations make you look unprofessional.  Instead of LOL or OMG, use an actual laugh or an exclamation point. If your tweets are full of chatspeak and emojis, it makes it seem like you don’t have anything important to say.


With these simple strategies in place, there is no reason why all of your tweets cannot get the attention they deserve. However, if you’re still not getting likes you should consider buying likes. If you’re looking for an original way to buy twitter likes in the USA, consider buying it from us as we provide original likes at affordable prices.

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