Tips to Identify Your Target Audience on Instagram

Before you buy real active USA Instagram followers, you should know your target audience. Buying USA followers but not having a target audience will be of no use. You will waste your time and money. Also, your post on Instagram will get promoted in the wrong direction, damaging your effort in the long term.

We know it’s difficult to identify the target audience on Instagram as it’s an open platform and getting attention from every corner of the world feels great. But, it’s important and not impossible.

What should you do to identify your target audience on Instagram?

Use the “story discovery” feature of Instagram 

Not many people think that Instagram comes with a unique feature “story discovery”. You can use it effectively to identify your ideal target audience on Instagram. With this feature, you can follow hashtags as well as view geo tagged and hash-tagged stories. You just have to begin your search for the hashtags associated with events, locations, or interests of the target audience.

Check the Profiles of the Users who Reacted to Your Previous Posts 

People generally don’t pay attention to users who reacted to their previous posts. They are just happy to see an increase in the reaction rates. They find their posts worth it and try to continue with the same. But, the thing is that these users are a good source for identifying the ideal target audience.

To know about the users, you should start interacting with them. With regular interaction, you will know their interests. And there is a high chance that users who reacted to your posts would enjoy your services and products.

Check Your Competitors’ Followers

First, make a list of your competitors who are on Instagram. Competitors mean those who are in the same or a very similar industry. Then, you should check their Instagram accounts individually, focusing on their followers. Not one or two, but you should check the entire follower list of your competitors.

Later, you should interact with these followers by liking or commenting on their page. This will spread awareness of your own business.

If you find USA followers on competitors’ accounts and feel this might work for your business as well, you should buy real active USA Instagram followers.

Consider the lifestyle, interests, and hobbies of the ideal customers 

If you change yourself as per your ideal customers, things will work in your favor. You take into account their lifestyle, interests, and hobbies.

For example, you should focus on the mothers of the dancers if you have a dance studio. Once you impress the mothers, their kids will join your studio. Other than this, you should check the cafes and eateries near your studio where everyone after classes go. You should search the name of the cafe and see who has tagged in that location or who has tagged their story in that location.

You may target a wider audience but the result will not be targeted to your business as the campaign isn’t specific to your business model. So, it’s essential to identify your target market and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.


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