How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Videos?

You have heard before that you should start posting more videos and reels to drive more engagement on your Instagram profile. It is true in all senses because videos are more informative and personal, and interactive than text and graphics. But it is not only about sharing videos and reels on Instagram, you will have to find ways to get video views in order to generate the engagement you are looking for.

Sharing videos on your Instagram profile and getting views on them are two different things. And if you don’t agree then you have some serious misconceptions. Videos without views don’t do any good to your profile and all your effort goes in vain without any growth. So, if you have already shared some unique and amazing videos but not getting views as per your expectations, it’s time to put more work into getting Instagram video views. Once your videos go viral, all you have the enjoyment and growth.

Here’re some ways you can gain more views on your Instagram Videos:

Create relevant and amazing videos

You cannot share videos out of context and expect views from your followers and target audience. You should focus on creating videos that are useful, informative, interactive, and relevant to your business. This is the first step toward gaining views in Instagram videos, and you cannot look away from this point.

Use relevant hashtags

Like Twitter, hashtags on Instagram are very powerful to attract target users to your videos, reels, and posts. You have to make use of them wisely and sensibly to let your videos appear in front of users who are more interested in the type of content you share. Using relevant hashtags in your post descriptions boosts your reach and helps you gain more video views.

Post videos at the best time

If no one is around to watch your videos, it is all going in vain. Collect insights from user analytics in your profile dashboard to know the time when your followers are the most active. There is no benefit to posting at a time when your followers are sleeping or busy working. So, it is good to post at the best time when your followers are active to gain views and make your videos popular in a quick time.

Run video ads

Do you know that you can buy views on Instagram videos? Yes. You can run video ads to gain more views through a paid strategy for quick growth. There are many sites where you can run video ads to reach the right and targeted audience to make them popular and viral. These sites help you deliver your videos ads directly to your audience feeds.

If you have tried the first three methods already and want more videos views, it’s time to make some effort into paid strategy. At Insta Like USA, you can buy views on Instagram videos as per your requirements, goals, and budget. Check out our plans and packages for Instagram video views.

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