How do I get more video views on Instagram in 2023?

When it comes to earning more video views on Instagram, the one thing that most people talk about is understanding the Instagram algorithm and how it works. But did you know there are several algorithms used by the Instagram platform? Yes, that is true and each algorithm has its unique purpose. Without boring you with the gory details of how each Instagram algorithm work, we will help you make the most of your time about telling you what you need to know exactly.

Instagram works in the pursuit of one goal – to make people stay on its app or website as long as possible by delivering the content you find relevant and interesting.

Think of yourself as the viewer instead of content creator. Then, keep in mind the three key ranking signals shared by Instagram experts:

  • Who: Whose posts you interact with? When you like or comment on someone’s post or content more, you will see their posts more frequently.
  • What: What type of content do you watch and engage with? If you see nature-related posts and like or comment on them regularly, you will see similar posts from other accounts as well.
  • When: This aspect focuses when some content was posted – to decide if it is relevant to you. It also considers how often you scroll the app to choose and prioritize the content for you.

Instagram adds and removes signals and predictions based on the evolving data to better understand what people are interested in right now. Trends change, so do ranking signals and predictions.

These signals include:

  • Whether a post is a photo or a video, when it was posted, and how many likes it has
  • How interesting the content creator is for you, if they are your friend on Instagram, and how often you engage with their content
  • If you tend to watch a lot of videos or photos and what type of content you engage with usually
  • If you tend to like or comment on the poster’s posts

What can affect the ranking of posts on Instagram?

In addition to the interest score, there are some additional criteria that impacts where a post is displayed in someone’s Home Feed. Some of these factors include:

  • Image or video quality
  • The originality of the video
  • Watermarks
  • Violation of or compliance with Instagram’s Community Guidelines
  • Reported content

How to make your Instagram videos more engaging?

When you are looking for ways how to get more views on Instagram videos, engagement is the most important thing you need to consider. It considers how likely people are to comment, like, spend time, share videos, or tap on the profile.

Hence, when planning to create videos and their captions, ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I were a viewer, how likely will I like, comment, or share this post?
  • Is this a video that I as a viewer would want to save and come back to?
  • Does this post contain a CTA (such as click in the bio) to tap on my profile?

Here are some tips to improve video views on Instagram:

  • Consistently share Instagram reels
  • Encourage interactions by using polls, Instagram story stickers, and CTAs
  • Drive conversations with engaging captions
  • Add trendy hashtags and keywords to your posts
  • Cross-promote your Instagram content
  • Use Instagram Analytics to see what is working and what is not

Follow the above tips to get more views on Instagram videos. If you are still falling behind in gaining more video views, then it’s time to leverage the benefits of paid strategy. Buy Instagram video views from INSTALIKE USA to reach your goals now.

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