Do We Still Need More Likes on Our Facebook Page? Do They Matter Now?

Yes, of course. Having more likes on your Facebook page matters a lot as long as people are using Facebook and you want them to interact with your Facebook page. Getting more likes is a direct sign of your popularity in the outside world. So, when a person sees your brand getting more and more likes every day, it certainly creates an impression and elevates your brand reputation. That’s not all. There is also a technical reason why you should work on getting more likes on your Facebook page.

Even though the traffic you get on your social media pages and accounts doesn’t impact your SEO rankings, it is still considered a signal that people trust you and like you. If you are able to fetch regular comments from your followers, it can indirectly help with your SEO.

It’s an open secret that growing a social community for your brand has become critically important over these years. Businesses that fail to engage people with their brands in any way often fail to attract more sales. With said that, exceptions are always there.

How to Achieve Your Goals of Facebook Marketing

The news that the changes made to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm are tanking organic search traffic is often interpreted as likes on your Facebook page don’t matter anymore. However, when you create your presence on Facebook to stay in touch with your loyal and potential customers, your sole purpose should be more than getting likes.

So, here is our quick guide that you can follow to attain impressive results:

  1. Get More Likes and Buy Them If Necessary

First of all, you need to create posts that people like and want to pause and click the like button while scrolling. If you are a new business and not getting any traffic at all, you can buy Facebook page likes to get some boost and create an impression that your Facebook page is worth checking out. And yes, it’s completely legal to buy Facebook likes.

  • Engage With Your Audience

While getting more likes on your Facebook page is important, a higher number of likes on your Facebook page doesn’t mean that they will also buy from your brand. So, while working on getting more likes, you must also work on finding new ways to engage with your followers on the Facebook page.

Run poll campaigns, show them glimpses of behind-the-scene, humanize your posts, ask your followers’ opinion, ask your customers to tag your brand on Facebook while sharing feedback, and feature the reviews on your Facebook page. It will help you increase engagement on your Facebook page, as well as with your brand.

  • Create Local Facebook Pages

If you are offering your products and services in different locations in your state or country, then it is worth creating local Facebook pages and posting local content to which your followers can relate to. Did you know local Facebook pages are known to have 5 times the reach, 8 times more engagement, and 40 times more overall impact?

If your Facebook page isn’t getting any attention, start with baby steps and buy Facebook page likes. It will also improve your morale and encourage you to work more on your posts that will ultimately attract attention of real followers. And don’t forget to follow the above tips to increase engagement and achieve your Facebook marketing goals.

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