5 Tips to Get Your First 1,000 YouTube Subscriber Quickly

Youtube Subscribe

Everyone struggles to get the first 100 and 1,000 subscribers when starting a new YouTube channel. Some people grow at a decent rate but others face some hard times in getting their first few followers. Running a successful YouTube channel is not a cakewalk, and as early as you understand this, it will save your efforts that are not paying off.

1,000-subscriber mark is an achievement from where creators reap the biggest benefits from YouTube by monetizing their videos. Though you require 4,000 hours of video watch time on your channel to be eligible for monetization, the growing number of subscribers at your channel helps you achieve this goal. So, if you struggling and facing challenges to reaching the first 1,000 YouTube Subscribers mark, follow these tips to attract more users to subscribe to your channel.

Add a subscriber button on your videos

Adding a YouTube subscriber button on all your videos is a great way to keep reminding your viewers to subscribe to your channel if they find the content useful and interesting to them. You can do it in YouTube Studio while editing your videos before uploading them by following these steps:

  • Go to the YouTube Studio.
  • Click on Customization in the navigation menu.
  • Select the Branding tab.
  • Go to the Video Watermark section and upload your graphic that says “subscribe”.
  • Choose a display time when you want to show your subscriber button on your videos.
  • Hit Publish button at the top of the page.

Place YouTube subscribe link in descriptions

Your YouTube descriptions allow you to add links such as affiliate links, social media links, and website links. You can use this opportunity to grow your community by placing a YouTube subscribe link asking viewers to subscribe to your channel if they want to get more from you. It is a great way to get new subscribers if you ask your viewers to check the description section for additional details or information.

Do YouTube collabs

If you have just started a new YouTube channel, you will face a hard time getting to the viewers who could be interested in your videos. Video collaboration with like-minded creators creates opportunities to reach out to your audience where you can ask them to visit your channel to have a look at what you are doing there.

Buy active YouTube subscribers

If nothing pays off, it’s time to look to promote your channels and videos to get new subscribers. There are many sites from where you can buy active YouTube subscribers as per your specific requirements and budget. It allows you to grow your channel at your pace without making any extra effort on other strategies so that you can focus on creating more informative and unique videos for your viewers. At Insta Like USA, you can buy as low as 250 subscribers and go up to buying 5,000 subscribers to make a kick start on the platform.

These are just a few ways you can achieve the landmark of 1,000 YouTube subscribers on your channel. It’s good to have a proper balance between your organic and paid strategies to make the most of all the available opportunities to grow your channel in a quick time.

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